BritePix is employed by BIC to strengthen branding promotional products 1

The new Bic Brite Pix process is awesome. Transform your one colour logo to full colour and include individual names for a minimal upcharge!

The features of this new decoration technique: 1) Transform your message into one that leaves a bold and lasting impression; 2) Full colour imprinting with photographic brilliance; 3) It’s simple, affordable and available on over 300 products

What is the difference between BritePix and 4-colour process?

4CP varies amongst materials. With BritePix, you are assured consistent quality, high clarity, and exceptional adhesion across all of the offered product categories.

You may have concerns about the safety of ink. This is a fundamental sense to use a safe material.

Yes. All BritePix exclusive high-quality adhesive inks pass our safety tests.

What are the artwork requirements?

Artwork requirements remain the same as today: artwork must be the same size the print area and a minimum of 300DPI to allow for the best quality imprint. For greater imprint definition, higher resolution artwork is necessary.

You are welcome to inquiry about this technique and which product is applicable.


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