Artwork Requirements

Artwork Types

There are 2 basic types of artwork, Bitmap & Victor image, both of which can have different type of files associated with them.

Bitmap Image:

Countless tiny bits of coloured pixels mapped side by side to make an image. The quality or resolution of a bitmap image depends on how many pixels are mapped out per inch (aka – dpi)

Low Resolution: 72dpi – images on the internet

High Resolution: 300dpi – professional photos


Common Bitmap Formats are…



Positives for Bitmap Images are…

Ideal for photos and images on the internet.

Subtle details in colours can be achieved.

Being able to edit photos and doctor them up.

JPEG format is great for reducing file size/quality.


Negatives for Bitmap Images are…

Some decorators reject this as production art..

A PHOTOSHOP EPS is still not a Vector EPS..

High resolution files are large in size (A4 = 33MB).

Separating Bitmap art is very limited.


Vector Image (Sometimes called line art):

A Vector Image is made up of lines and curves connection at points. Put simply, a Vector Image is just like a finished children’s dot-to-dot puzzle. Vector Images are not made with pixels. Instead, they are built entirely on mathematical calculations to perfectly position the points,lines and curves.

Vector Programs and Formats are….

Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Freehand.

AI, EPS, CDR and FH.

Positives for Vector Images are…

Most decorators insist that artwork must be vector.

Decorators have more control over art separations.

Ideal for logos and illustrations.

Easy to edit, eg: change colours to a logo.

Perfectly scales to any size while retaining quality.

Compared with Bitmap, file sizes are a lot smaller.

Negatives for Vector Images are…

Cannot achieve photo realistic results.


Colour Types


Please attach or embed fonts for all artwork sent. If this is not possible please supply us with the name of the font and whether it is a OS X or a Windows font.