Business Code of Conduct

Business Ethics

As a member of APPA (Australian Promotional Products Association), all staff of Splash Promotions are aware of their role as a member of APPA and APPA code of conduct. To demonstrate a commitment to achieving long term, ethical business partnerships with all our clients and suppliers.

Customer Service

To achieve our core commissions: “Be reliable; Be prompt; and Be Cheap”, To strive for very high levels of service at all times. We understand the needs of our clients and the role we play in their business success.

Employee Commitment

To realize that company profitability and productivity will grow through providing a safe, secure, rewarding and challenging work environment. To encourage open communication and participation at all times. The first consideration is ensuring the high quality and reliable products. We will continue to improve where possible on all aspects of product quality.

Product Development

To pursue new product opportunities within our existing markets and look to the future development of products as new opportunities arise.