Eco-Friendly Products

We specialize in meeting your promotional needs with eco friendly products that don’t cost the earth.

Maximise the impact of your message while minimising its impact on the environment !

At Splash Promotions, we understand the products, the issues, the industry and the changing pattern of eco consumer behaviour. Such a wide range of  eco promotional products are made from recycled, biodegradable, sustainable, certified, organic or other environmentally friendly materials,  all intended to limit the impact on the environment.

Our mission is centered on reducing landfill use, reducing our use of non-rapidly renewable resources and being an active advocate for human rights issues; delivered while providing exceptional service at affordable prices for our clients. It is now easier than ever to run a green promotion without having to compromise on quality and benefits.

Call us or email us today for a quote on supply and print of your eco friendly promotional products!

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